This is a Photography Course unlike any other, because it's the first of its kind focused only on Yoga Photography.
Alessandro Sigismondi will guide you step by step into a wonderful journey, sharing with you his experience and his secrets. Like an open book, and with an open heart, in 14 classes.

Class 1: Intro. Why I've created this course, why me as a teacher and how to use this course.

Class 2: Context. I explain why Yoga Photography is unlike any other and show different ways to approach it.

Class 3: Positioning. Understanding the basics of communication to create better and more effective visual images.

Class 4: Preparing the shoot. All you need to know and do before going out and shoot.

Class 5: Composition. The main rules from perspective to the rule of third. And when to break them.

Class 6: Angles. Understanding how to use different angles to tell your story.

Class 7: Light. Natural, artificial and mixed, and how to use all of them.

Class 8: Camera. Going through the menu and main technical principles.

Class 9: Lenses. Exploring the results achieved with different focal lengths with practical examples and suggestions.

Class 10: Aperture. How to achieve that bokeh affect everyone loves and when to have everything on focus instead.

Class 11: Shutter. The creative use of shutter speed, from the lowest to the quickest.

Class 12: A photo shooting example. Theory and practice with practical examples taken from a real photo shooting.

Class 13: Editing. Three different examples of how I edit photos, sharing my workflow and tips.

Class 14: Pricing. Different ways of pricing your photo shootings and other effective ways to start getting hired.

Extras: Over 200 high resolution photos.

About the teacher:

Alessandro Sigismondi was born in Torino, Italy, in 1974 and attended University of Turin. Upon matriculation and for 16 years, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, becoming the deputy creative director at top advertising company Italia Brand Group. In 2012, he quit the corporate world and moved to India with his wife Paula and young son Leo to study yoga. He intended to become a yoga teacher while there, but soon realised his real calling in life – as a yoga and movement photographer and filmographer. Since then, he has built a huge portfolio, shooting the world’s most influential teachers like Kino MacGregor and Dharma Mitra, and working with globally-known brands like OHMME Apparel, Liforme as well as big name studios like Pure Yoga in Hong Kong and Triyoga in London. Alessandro has a lot of passion in his job and thinks that sharing images that are both aesthetically beautiful and deeply authentic can inspire more people to embrace a healthy lifestyle like yoga. While he can work on set with big crews or being a one-man-crew himself, he’s always focused in making who is in front of the camera comfortable and at ease, to let them fully express the better version of themselves. Alessandro is based in Turin, Italy, but constantly travels globally. His reach and influence is wide with 90000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and 40000 followers on Instagram.